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HI THIS IS MY SEPARATE BLOG FOR FAN FICTIONS AND I WRITE AND WILL WRITE THE FOLLOWING BULLSHIT: Mavin - Spideypool - Superfamily - Stony - Geovin - Thorki - Destiel - Sabriel - - OR any of your choosing, as long as I feel comfortable writing it

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On One Condition

teen!mavin fluff

gavin locked michael out of his apartment and decides to let him in on only ONE condition…

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Tap Out

mavin AU where Michael is a martial arts instructor and Gavin is his student

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Friends With Benefits

mavin and rayvin ot3 smut

gavin loves being able to have sex with his friends and just stay friends, not having to deal with public relationships

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I Can’t Sleep

cute mavin kid!fic

i guess they’re like orphans or something in like a children’s home

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True Love

Dan gets too fed up with watching Gavin being abused by Micheal and stands up for his b

tw for abusive relationship i guess

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Saying Good Bye

MAVIN angst - Gavin is jealous of Michael and Lindsay’s relationship and is hopeful when the two get in a disagreement, and Michael confides in Gavin

song: Say Something, A Great Big World

also inspired by Deductism’s mavin video: michael&gavin

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Happy New Year’s

Michael’s home alone on New Years until Gavin shows up to spend the last day of the year with his boy

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Bleeding Out

mavin/ragehappy ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE!ANGST for reaching 330 followers wow i love you guys

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short, cute mavin fluff to prove im not dead

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i drew stuff based on a recent fan fic .. .,  „ weellp